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JH Austin Group is a holding company – so what do we hold?
We hold the following values and principles and we share them with the organisations we support:
  • Care – We care about what we do, how we do it and who we do it for
  • Humility – We take what we do seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • Responsibility – We take 100% responsibility
  • Discipline – We see the best in ourselves and the best in others
Extraordinary support – What’s that all about?
We help, by performing the critical background work that allows incredible organisations to focus on doing what they do best, changing the world for the better. The difference is we take background support to a whole new level.
Okay so what is this ‘background work?’
IT and Application Development
Using the latest and greatest technology to build world-class, customer-facing and back-office Windows and Web applications and sites; creating the best for the best.

Accounts, finance and administration
First class ‘business administration’ for first class businesses.

Accommodation and facilities
Providing the best for the best.
Who are these people and organisations that we support?
Pro-Ex Group Limited
A subsidiary of JH Austin Group, helping brands serve the world.

Best Companies
Not technically a subsidiary but Best Companies does share two of the same directors as JH Austin Group, and are set up to help make the world a better workplace.

Best Companies Partnership
From the same stable as Best Companies, Best Companies Partnership is helping organisations to define their purpose.
So how can your company benefit from our work?
Sorry but the answer is that it can’t. To do our very best work, we only focus on our related organisations. This way there are no distractions and no excuses and we have all the time we need to perform to the highest of standards, delivering the very best service.
Is there any way that other companies can benefit from our work?
Well yes, if you are a client of Pro-ex , Best Companies, or Best Companies Partnership then you will have the benefit of working with world class organisations that share our values and principles, who are able to provide you with an equally extraordinary service, made better because of the extraordinary support JH Austin Group gives them. We help them to help you to help the people you serve and support.
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